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Environmentally Friendly while Saving You Money


A Renewable Energy system can operate entirely independently, not requiring a connection to a power grid. Systems can be installed in remote locations (like holiday cabins), making it more cost-effective than the supply of utility electricity to the site.  

Renewable Energy can be utilized to offset utility-supplied energy consumption. It does not only reduce your electricity bill, but will also continue to supply your home/ business with electricity in the event of a power outage.

If your system produces more energy than you use, your utility company may buy it from you, building up a credit on your account. This is called "net-metering". The recovery/ payback period for this investment can be very short depending on how much electricity your household uses.  The savings are immediate and for many years to come.

It's not affected by the supply and demand of fuel and is therefore not subjected to the ever-increasing price of gasoline.

Renewable Energy is clean, renewable and sustainable, helping to protect our environment.

It does not pollute our air by releasing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide or mercury into the atmosphere like many traditional forms of electrical generation does.

Renewable Energy does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog. It actively contributes to the decrease of harmful green house gas emissions.

By not using any fuel, Renewable Energy does not contribute to the cost and problems of the recovery and transportation of fuel or the storage of radioactive waste.