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Magnetically levitated 50 kw VAWT turbine

Magnetic bearing systems represent a completely different approach to the support of rotating equipment.

Magnetic bearings are a NON-CONTACTING technology, which means negligible friction loss and no wear, and higher reliability. Lubrication is eliminated.

Key Benefits

1. High Reliability - With magnetic bearings there is no contact between the rotating and stationary parts, meaning there is no wear. Magnetic bearings are the only type of bearing which is fitted with protective back-up bearings.Magnetic bearings have a built-in overload protection

2. Clean Environments - In a magnetic bearing system, particle generation due to wear and the need for lubrication are eliminated.

3. High Speed Applications - A rotor spins in space without contact with the stator means drag on the rotor is minimal allowing the bearing to run at exceptionally high speeds.

4. Position and Vibration Control - Magnetic bearings use advanced control algorithms to influence the motion of the shaft and have the capability to precisely control the position of the shaft within microns and to virtually eliminate vibrations.

5. Extreme Conditions - The magnetic bearing system, is capable of operating through an extremely wide temperature range allowing operation where traditional bearings will not function.